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Central Power
Minot, ND

Central Power Electric Cooperative, Inc. is a wholesale electrical generation and transmission cooperative, G&T, organized in 1949 to generate power for its member rural electric distribution cooperatives.

Central Power today, as a Preference Customer of the Western Area Power Administration and as a Class A member of Basin Electric Power Cooperative, continues to supply the bulk power needs of its members through its backbone system of transmission and subtransmission facilities.  The six member cooperative owners of Central Power combine to serve more than 56,500 farms, homes and businesses located in a service area of 25 counties across the central and southeastern portion of North Dakota.

Central Power's facilities required to serve the members include 125 distribution substations, 20 wholly owned and 6 jointly owned high-voltage transmission stations and 1,000 +  miles of transmission line interconnected with the Western Area Power Administration, Basin Electric Cooperative, and three investor owned utilities.  In all, Central Power has a $123.7 million investment in total utility plant.



Unit President, Cody Vrem

Vice President, Josh Larson

Steward, Brandon Hovda

Secretary, Dylan Duflo

Jason Frank, Business Manager

Joe Roeder, Assistant Business Manager